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PCs slow down because they’re designed to Day to day use of a PC inserts errors into the Windows Registry. Overtime these errors not only drain system speeds but become the source of seemingly unrelated error messages. PerfectOptimizer finds these errors and fixes them!

The Weskysoft support articles describe the best practices for speeding up your computer by using PerfectOptimizer!
Clean up registry errors

Whenever a program crashes, or any program installed, your computer would create errors on Windows’ Registry. Overtime the errors can slow your computer. The PerfectOptimizer includes Registry Cleaner program to check and clean any errors on your system and keep it running smoothly.

To run Registry Cleaner

1. In your Clean menu, click Registry Cleaner and then click START SCAN to scan your Windows’ registry.

2. Please click REPAIR ALL to repair registry errors when the scan was complete. Please create a registry backup before repairing the registry errors. You can use the registry backup to restore your computer when it crashes.

Reclaim disk space
Your computer can pick up and store temporary files when you are looking at web pages and when you are working on files. Overtime these files will slow your computer’s performance. You can use the PerfectOptimizer’s JunkFile Cleaner, Duplicate Cleaner and Shortcuts Cleaner to rid your computer of these files.

To run JunkFile Cleaner
1. In your Clean menu, click JunkFile Cleaner, then click START SCAN to find junk files on your computer.

2. You can see how many junk files take up how much disk space when the scan was complete, please click REPAIR ALL to clean these junk files to reclaim valuable disk space.

To run Duplicate Cleaner
1. In your Clean menu, click Duplicate Cleaner, then click FIND to search for duplicate files.

2. Please click DELETE to delete duplicate files to free up disk space when the scan was complete.

To run Shortcuts Cleaner
1. In your Clean menu, click Shortcuts Cleaner, then click FIND to search for invalid shortcuts.
2. Please click DELETE to delete invalid shortcuts to free up disk space and speed up access to data.

Speed up System Boot

Too many startup programs will slow your system down. PerfectOptimizer’s Startup Speedup will make your system startup faster.

To run Startup Speedup

1. In your Speedup menu, click Startup Speedup and select the items you want to remove from the startup list, and then click REMOVE to speed up your system boot.

Rearrange your data

Your computer often breaks files to increase the speed of data access. The result is fragmented file. Fragmented files can cause slower system performance. This is because your computer must search for all of the file’s parts.
PerfectOptimizer includes a Disk Defrag and a Registry Defrag program to piece all your files back together again and make them quicker to open.

To run Disk Defrag
1. In your Optimizer menu, click Disk Defragger, then click DEFRAGMENT to analyze your disk. The whole process would take up to several hours, so we recommend that you defragment the disk when you don’t use your computer.

To run Registry Defrag
1. In your Optimizer menu, click Registry Defragger, then click ANALYSIS to start the registry defragmentation.
2. Please click COMPRESS to compress the registry when the analysis was computer. Thus your system will become more stable and run faster.

Make Internet Explorer run faster

The web is always with us. It’s everywhere—from the home to the office. We use it to communicate, to work, to play. Overtime the Internet browsing will become slower, luckily PerfectOptimizer’s Evidence Cleaner and Internet Optimizer will make your Internet Explorer run faster.
One purpose of the Evidence Cleaner is to reduce your web page history. Internet Explorer stores visited web pages to your computer, these web pages will slow down your computer’s performance.

To use Evidence Cleaner
1. In your Clean menu, click Evidence Cleaner, select IE URL History and IE History, then click START SCAN to reduce web page history. Reducing web page history can free up disk space, too.

To run Internet Optimizer
1. In your SpeedUp menu, click Internet Optimizer, choose your Internet mode and other settings, then click OPTIMIZE to make your IE run faster.

Automate Microsoft Update
Microsoft works constantly to release updates to Windows and other Microsoft products. At Microsoft Update, you can find and install all these updates—not just the critical ones. Often these updates will improve your computer’s performance.
You can make life easier by automating Microsoft Update so your computer downloads and installs all the updates without you having to worry about them.

To automate Microsoft Update
1. In your Update menu, click Windows Update, and then click CHECK.
2. Windows Update will display the files that need to be updated when the check was complete. Please click UPDATE to update your Windows.
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Shred files
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Update commonly-used programs
Repair System Errors
Repair Windows Explorer
Repair error utility
Repair IE hijack
Manage BHO
Repair IE components
Repair system components
Repair Winsock2 utility
Repair broken shortcuts
Repair broken file association
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