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ActiveX is a framework for defining reusable software components that perform a particular function or a set
of functions in Microsoft Windows in a way that is independent of the programming language used to implement
them. A software application can then be composed from one or more of these components in order to provide
its functionality.----Knowledge from Wikipedia

What is malicious ActiveX?

We know what the ActiveX is from the Wikipedia. But we haven't known what the malicious ActiveX.

Some pages would contain malicious Activex, these ActiveX will automatically insert themselves to your computer once you open these pages.

The malicious ActiveXs belong to the malware category, we all know that malware will cause damage to your computer, some will steal your personal information like bank accounts, passwords, credit card number and more. This is why we develop this software to block these malicious ActiveXs.

Why use Bad ActiveX Blocker?

Like we mentioned above, malicious ActiveX would cause damage to your computer and steal your personal information. So ensuring your system security is on your top priority.

Bad ActiveX Blocker not only can remove the malicious ActiveX from your computer, but also block the future attacks.

We block 1420 malicious ActiveX

Our data base contains 1420 malicious ActiveX samples and new ones are always added to the database to block the newest malicious ActiveX.
The 1420 malicious ActiveX are the most popular and commonly known ActiveX.

You would never know how many malicious ActiveX on your computer, but don't worry about that, you can easily block these malicious ActiveX by activating the database to block them.

How to block malicious ActiveX?

We not only need to know what it is, but also need to know how to block it. Here we will list the detailed steps on how to do.

1) Download first, install and launch Perfect Optimizer
2) Point to Security and click Bad ActiveX Blocker
3) The samples of malicious ActiveX will be displayed on your screen
4) Click BLOCK to block the future attacks

Please CLICK HERE to download Perfect Optimizer

Secure Your Data
Back up important files
Back up drivers
Back up registry
Block bad ActiveX
Shred files
Restore system
Speed Up Your System
Uninstall unwanted programs
Optimize system under different modes
Optimize Memory
Speed up system
Update commonly-used programs
Repair System Errors
Repair Windows Explorer
Repair error utility
Repair IE hijack
Manage BHO
Repair IE components
Repair system components
Repair Winsock2 utility
Repair broken shortcuts
Repair broken file association
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