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File backup becomes more and more important in the e-world. The files would disappear overnight from our
computer without any reason. Thus we need to back up our files to keep data secure. Here you will know how to
do by using PerfectOptimizer’s Important File Backup.
Important File Backup features file backup and restore. Please see the highlights below to know more.


A computer cookie is a small text file which contains a unique ID tag, placed on your computer by a website. In this file various information can be stored, from pages visited on the site, to information voluntarily given to the site. When you revisit the site days or weeks later, the site can recognize you by matching the cookie on your computer with the counterpart in its database. Sometimes you would delete the cookies by accident, when you revisit the site you will need to retype your information to login, for example username, password and more. It takes time to retype, by restoring cookies will save you valuable time.


With regular computer use, your desktop will have more and more different kinds of files: folder, word, txt, media and more. You would lose these files before you save them when you do a registry cleanup or system crashing. So it is very important to back up your desktop.

Please take the following steps to back up desktop.

1) In your Backup menu, click Important File Backup and choose Desktop option.
2) Choose the File Path and click BACK UP.

You can back up other files using the same way.


Thanks to Microsoft, Yahoo and other vendors, Messenger helps us enjoy a better life. You can use Messenger to chat with friends and enjoy stealth settings, video calls, PC calls, file sharing, photo sharing, SMS, emoticons, & more. The purpose of backup is to avoid system crashing. Because these Messenger files are located in the C drive that contains the Windows operating system, so it is essential important to back them up. When you want to read the IMs between you and your friends, you can read them from the backup.


We would always like to keep our privacy secure, it is the same in the computer world. Your data would be lost when your computer has major problems. If the problems happened, you can use Restore to restore all your backups.

It is easy to restore all backup files. Please take the following ways to restore.

1) In your Backup menu, click Important File Backup, then click Restore and choose the options.

2) Click RESTORE to restore all backup files.


Favorite backup is the best and quickest way to save your favorite pages. You would find your favorite pages on your bookmark that was stored on your system drive. If you don't take a backup, you would lose them when your computer encounters crashing; you format the system drive or your rebuild whole system. When you do some junk file cleanup, you would also remove whole pages from your computer. So we recommend that you back up your favorite pages weekly.


Most computer users use the My Documents folder to keep all their personal data. Unfortunately, this folder is by default located on the
C drive, the same drive that contains the Windows operating system.

If your computer encounters crashing and you need to rebuild your system, all files located on the C drive will be formatted, including My Documents folder. You see how important it is to back up this folder. We would recommend that our users store their personal data on other files. If you prefer My Documents, the suggestion we can offer is to back My Documents up regularly.

Outlook & Outlook Express

Most folks use Outlook Express to send and receive email.

erfectOptimizer's Outlook & Outlook Express Backup is to back up all your emails, contacts, email rules and news groups, also including IE favorites. You can ZIP the backup, once you want to use it, you just need to UNZIP it.

Why email backup so important? Imagine some day you can't contact your family, your friends and your business partners.

How to back up

With Perfect Optimizer you can easily back up different types of files.
Just like mentioned in the 3rd and the 7th option, you can find how easy it is to back up files. Here we will list the steps again.

For Backup:
1) Launch Perfect Optimizer
2) Point to Important File Backup
3) Choose the files you want to back up
4) Click BACK UP

For Restore:
You should back up the files first; otherwise there is no file to be restored. Once the backup was complete, please take the ways listed below.
1) Click Restore and choose the options
2) Click RESTORE to restore the selected backup files
Secure Your Data
Back up important files
Back up drivers
Back up registry
Block bad ActiveX
Shred files
Restore system
Speed Up Your System
Uninstall unwanted programs
Optimize system under different modes
Optimize Memory
Speed up system
Update commonly-used programs
Repair System Errors
Repair Windows Explorer
Repair error utility
Repair IE hijack
Manage BHO
Repair IE components
Repair system components
Repair Winsock2 utility
Repair broken shortcuts
Repair broken file association
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