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ActiveX is a framework for defining reusable software components that perform a particular function or a set
of functions in Microsoft Windows in a way that is independent of the programming language used to implement
them. A software application can then be composed from one or more of these components in order to provide
its functionality.----Knowledge from Wikipedia

Repair Windows Explorer

From Wikipedia database we know that Windows Explorer is a file manager application that is included with releases of the Microsoft Windows operating system. It provides a graphical user interface for accessing the file systems. It is also the component of the operating system that presents the user interface on the monitor and enables the user to control the computer.

Every time you use your computer to either do your work or log on to the internet, you are increasing the risk of making your computer unstable. Under such situation, your system will encounter a lot of errors on the windows explorer until it will finally crash; leaving most of your important files either missing or corrupted. When your Windows Explorer is broken, you can't use most of the components. The components contain search engine, registry editor, wallpaper, control panel and more. So how to repair windows explorer errors is what we want to discuss, so please read on.

There are many reasons that cause these problems, it could be that your computer is infected by some virus or worm; in that case, you need an updated anti-virus program that can detect and eliminate viruses.

Another reason is that your computer registry contains a lot of unneeded registry entries that slow down your computer and cause some windows explorer errors.

You would urgently want to know how to repair these problems after reading this. The content below will give you some solutions, so please read on.
What you need now is some program called registry cleaner that will perform a deep scan on your computer and detect junk files, errors and other problems in your system. Once the problems are detected, you can simply repair windows explorer errors with a few mouse clicks.

You can choose tons of registry cleaners available online. There are evaluation version and registered version. Evaluation version of registry cleaners may be able to perform a deep scan on your computer and identify the errors; but they can’t fix all errors. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you get a registered registry cleaner that will completely solve your computer problems and fix window explorer errors. It is worth spending a few dollars on a registered registry cleaner; rather than spend higher professional fees for computer experts to fix your system when it crashes. Please CLICK HERE to read the warnings from Weskysoft.

Perfect Optimizer lists all components of windows explorer on the software interface. You can use Perfect Optimizer to repair broken components. Please take the following steps to see broken components and repair them.

1) Launch Perfect Optimizer
2) Point to Repair
3) Click Windows Repair and click Windows Explorer/IE, then you can see all components.

If you're not certain what components are broken, you can select all and click REPAIR.
Repair Error Utility

Do you have the following annoying problems?
1) Unable to open new window by Internet Explorer
2) Can't update Microsoft online
3) Can't search file using Windows Explorer
4) Unable to use System Restore
5) Can't restore file association
6) Memory can't read or write
Surprisingly, your computer would have these problems and display them as time arises. There are many reasons that these problems occur. There are also many solutions available online and what you need to do is find the best solution for your computer. Here we recommend the leading and award-winning system optimization software program that will effectively solve your computer problems and make your computer work well.

Perfect Optimizer provides you the solutions to these problems.
1) Launch Perfect Optimizer
2) Point to Repair
3) Click Windows Repair and click Error Utility, then choose the item, and then click REPAIR
Repair IE Hijack

When your Internet Explorer has a web hijack, your home page, search page and other pages will be changed, then your personal information would be stolen by the hackers.

There are tons of common forms of spyware that will hijack your IE. Here we will discuss some frequently known spyware forms and their characteristics:

Because the title is ‘Repair IE Hijack’ so here we only discuss the browser hijack. You can read the other content on this page to know more forms of spyware.
Browser hijack: these kinds of spyware modify the default browser settings of the computer. Their main intent is to modify the browser behavior and direct users to the sites of the spyware instead of the sites that the users normally want to reach. Often they lead the users to the advertisement sites and earn commissions.
Some free software advertises they are free, but in fact they are not. Some spyware will automatically install during the so-called free software installing. We don’t recommend that you download or install any free software.

Been hijacked or not? Here we will give you some tips on how to protect your computer.

1. Antivirus Software
Antivirus software can protect your computer from viruses. Some antivirus software have email shield and will scan your email for threat.

2. Never Open Any Unknown Email
Please don’t open them especially if you are uncertain they are safe. The hijackers use it to send virus attachment. Once you open it, you increase the risk of getting Trojan, viruses, worms or other forms of spyware. We recommend that you delete it immediately if you received one.

3. Use Other Web Browsers

Most folks use Internet Explorer as a web browser; here we suggest that you use other browsers to reduce the threat. Also the Internet Explorer itself will slow down your computer after you use it for a period of time. If you use other browsers, you don’t need to worry about this.

4. Use System Optimization Software
Most of the system optimization software will repair registry errors, free up disk space, block malicious ActiveX and more to ensure your system security. They come to the users with the form of shareware. You can read Shareware VS Freeware to know the comparisons between them. Here we recommend that you use Perfect Optimizer to optimize your system and improve its performance.
Perfect Optimizer can restore the hijacked pages to the system default pages. Then you can change the system default pages to your favorite pages.

Please see the steps below to restore the hijacked pages
1) Launch Perfect Optimizer
2) Point to Repair
3) Click IE Repair and click Hijack Restore
4) Choose the hijacked pages and click RESTORE

Steps to set your favorite pages
1) Launch Internet Explorer
2) Click Tools
3) Click Internet Options
A window will pop up, and then you can set your favorite pages.
Manage BHO

BHO, also called Browser Helper Object, it is developed by Microsoft and used as the standard for third-party programmers. The purpose of BHO is to help better use Internet Explorer, but now more and more hackers use it to spread worms, viruses. Once your computer was attacked, your home page would be changed, ads will pop up when the system boot, even your private information will be collected.

Many BHOs installed in your computer act they are safe. In fact they are spyware that will collect your personal information. So how do I know when my computer was infected with malicious BHOs? Here we will show you the signs of infection.
1. Your browser home page is changed
2. Browser redirects
3. Browser pops Ads

If you have noticed these strange behaviors, your computer must be infected with spyware. Once infected, what you need to do is clean them out. Here we recommend that you use Perfect Optimizer to remove malicious BHOs from your computer.
Perfect Optimizer lists all BHOs installed on your computer, if you don't think they are safe, please take the following steps to remove all of them.

1) Launch Perfect Optimizer
2) Point to Repair
3) Click IE Repair and click BHO Manager
4) Select the BHOs from the menu and click REMOVE to remove them

Repair IE/System Components

You may receive the following error messages when your IE & System components were broken.
Win32 error
ActiveX error
Setup error
Html error
Com, XML and Doc errors
Web and Media errors

There are many reasons for the problems occurring in your computer. IE repair tool can easily solve these problems. Alternatively there are many other ways to fix these errors. For example, reinstalling operating system, but it takes time. Luckily PerfectOptimizer’ IE Repair can fix these errors.
1) Launch Perfect Optimizer
2) Point to Repair
3) Click IE Repair and click Components Repair
4) Choose the components from the list and click REPAIR

Repair Winsock2 Utility

Winsock2 is like a door that connects your system with the applications you’re using.

If Winsock registry entry was broken, you may receive the following error messages.
When you try to use Ipconfig to update your IP, you may receive
Message 1: An error occurred while renewing interface 'Internet':An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket.
Message 2: An error occurred while renewing interface Local Area Connection:the requested service provider could not be loaded or initialized.

When you start Internet Explorer, you may receive ‘The page cannot be displayed’

When you create dial connection, you may receive ‘Error 720: No PPP Control Protocols Configured’

For computer professional, you can manually edit registry to fix these problems, do remember to back up registry first.
For computer newbie, we don’t recommend that you do that. You can use Perfect Optimizer to help fix these problems.

Launch Perfect Optimizer

- Point to Repair
- Click System Repair and click Winsock2 Repair Utility
- Click BLOCK button to fix these problems .
Repair Broken Shortcuts/File Association

Broken shortcuts occur when the target files have been moved or deleted. Repairing shortcuts that point to invalid locations speeds up processing and eliminates unexpected errors.
Broken shortcuts will make your desktop and start menu hard to navigate and even slow down the system.

File association repair is intended to search your system for file association broken by malicious software programs and repairs them.

To improve your system performance, we recommend that you use Perfect Optimizer to repair broken shortcuts and file association. The broken shortcuts and file association are marked in red color.

To repair broken shortcuts
1) Launch Perfect Optimizer
2) Point to Repair
3) Click Shortcuts Repair and click REPAIR button

To repair broken file association
1) Launch Perfect Optimizer
2) Point to Repair
3) Click FileAssoc Repair and click RESTORE button

Secure Your Data
Back up important files
Back up drivers
Back up registry
Block bad ActiveX
Shred files
Restore system
Speed Up Your System
Uninstall unwanted programs
Optimize system under different modes
Optimize Memory
Speed up system
Update commonly-used programs
Repair System Errors
Repair Windows Explorer
Repair error utility
Repair IE hijack
Manage BHO
Repair IE components
Repair system components
Repair Winsock2 utility
Repair broken shortcuts
Repair broken file association
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