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What is ClickBank?

ClickBank: The Web's Most Trusted Digital Marketplace

Founded in 1998, ClickBank is a secure online retail outlet for more than 12,000 digital product vendors and 100,000 active affiliate marketers.

ClickBank makes a sale somewhere in the world every three seconds, safely processing more than 26,000 digital transactions a day. We serve more than 200 countries, and are consistently ranked as one of the most highly-trafficked sites on the web.

ClickBank is privately held with offices in Broomfield, Colorado and Boise, Idaho. Click Sales Inc. is a subsidiary of Keynetics Inc.

If you want to know more please visit ClickBank official website.

Shareware VS Freeware?

What is Shareware?
Shareware, sometimes called "Try Before You Buy" software, is a marketing method, not a type of software or even strictly just a distribution method. When software is marketed through normal retail channels, you are forced to pay for the product before you've even seen it. The Shareware marketing method lets you try a program before you buy it (generally for a limited period of time). Since you've tried the program, you know whether it will meet your needs before you pay for it. A Shareware program is just like a program you find in major stores, catalogs, and other places where software is purchased; except you get to use it, on your own computer, before paying for it. Payment is required if the user has found the software to be useful or if the user wishes to continue using the software beyond the evaluation period.

In summary:
1)Shareware is a method of distributing software.
2)You can download and evaluate a shareware program before buying it.
3)Your trial period is usually limited to 0-60 days, after which time you must make a decision to either purchase the software or else uninstall the software from your PC.
4)If you register (purchase) the program, you will often receive a license key to activate the software program.

Nowadays, many distributors offer shareware on their websites. Some of the more popular distributors are CNet, ZDNet, Free Software Download, Hot Lib, Soft Picks, 5 Cup, One Kit, Download 2 You, Top Shareware, and Absolute Freebies.

Comparing Shareware Vs Freeware
One of the main competitors of shareware is freeware. Unlike shareware, freeware can be downloaded for free, which makes it very enticing for those who want to download a variety of things, such as games or videos. However, freeware may end up being shareware, because the developers of the freeware may just be offering free access for a limited period of time to promote their products. When the freeware becomes popular, the company may put a price tag on the products, and those who want to use the software will have to pay.
What is Registry Editor?

Registry Editor is a tool intended for advanced users. It is used to view and change settings in the system registry, which contains information about how your computer runs. Windows refers to this information and updates it when you make changes to your computer, such as installing a new program, creating a user profile, or adding new hardware. Registry Editor lets you view registry folders, files, and the settings for each registry file.----Knowledge from Microsoft

Steps on how to manually edit registry:

1) Click Start
2) Click Run
3) Type regedit and click OK

Scamware VS Malware?

What is Malware?
Malware, short for malicious software, is software designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system without the owner's informed consent. The expression is a general term used by computer professionals to mean a variety of forms of hostile, intrusive, or annoying software or program code. The term "computer virus" is sometimes used as a catch-all phrase to include all types of malware, including true viruses.
Software is considered malware based on the perceived intent of the creator rather than any particular features. Malware includes computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, most rootkits, spyware, dishonest adware, crimeware and other malicious and unwanted software. In law, malware is sometimes known as a computer contaminant, for instance in the legal codes of several U. S. states, including California and West Virginia. ----knowledge from Wikipedia.

Most Malwares are Scamware.
Here we will list the symptoms of the Scamware.
1) Give fake threats (virus, worms and more) and ask you to register their full version to fix the threats.
2) Their advertisements and websites say FREE DOWNLOAD, FREE SCAN, FREE FIX, when you want to fix the fake threats, they ask you to pay the full version.

If you find any software has the mentioned symptoms, please report to us via

Warnings from Weskysoft Inc.
There are so many out there selling inferior products. Some are cheap copies while others are messy compilations.

Often duplicated but never copied!
Please careful of buying other products containing “trial” & ”need to register full version” software which you have to pay more to use! We also update our software every month so that you'll get the latest we have!

Be ware of sellers offering an obscene amount of content. They are many products out there with obsolete information or non-working content. It often comes in a messy pile with adverts and/or out of date links. We are proud of our products in giving the best value to all our customers.

If you don't believe us, don't buy our products. Purchase the inferior ones first and see it for yourself. Then return to us to purchase the best on ClickBank.
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