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System Restore is a component of Microsoft's Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
operating systems that allows for the rolling back of system files, registry keys, installed programs, etc., to a
previous state in the event of malfunctioning or failure.----Knowledge from Wikipedia

Where is System Restore from?

Every time you install a new game, application, or software update, you make changes to your computer. Sometimes that change may make your system unstable.

The System Restore feature is built into Windows XP and other Operating Systems and is used to return your computer to an earlier state if you have a system failure or other major problem with your computer. The point of System Restore is to restore your system to a workable state without you having to reinstall the operating system and lose your data files in the process.

Now the System Restore feature is also built into Perfect Optimizer.

How System Restore works?

System Restore automatically tracks changes to your computer and creates restore points before major changes are to occur. Here we will show you how to restore system and the snapshot below.

How to restore system
1) Launch Perfect Optimizer
2) Point to Backup and click System Restore
3) Choose one system restore point and click RESTORE

Secure Your Data
Back up important files
Back up drivers
Back up registry
Block bad ActiveX
Shred files
Restore system
Speed Up Your System
Uninstall unwanted programs
Optimize system under different modes
Optimize Memory
Speed up system
Update commonly-used programs
Repair System Errors
Repair Windows Explorer
Repair error utility
Repair IE hijack
Manage BHO
Repair IE components
Repair system components
Repair Winsock2 utility
Repair broken shortcuts
Repair broken file association
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