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· Your system is like your car engine that will become less powerful after day-to-day use.
· We have discussed some tips on the home page, here we will discuss 5 other ways to speed up your system by
using PerfectOptimizer.

Uninstall unwanted programs

One reason why computers slow down is too many programs installed. Some are needed and some are unwanted. These unwanted programs will take up your system resource and make your computer run slower than before.

You can use Microsoft's Control Panel to uninstall these unwanted programs, but it can't completely uninstall them from your computer. We recommend that you uninstall them using Perfect Optimizer.

Please see the steps below:
1) Launch Perfect Optimizer
2) Point to Optimizer and click Uninstall Manager
3) Choose the unwanted program from the Program List
4) Click UNINSTALL to uninstall them

Optimize memory

Optimizing RAM memory will help prevent memory leaks and reach the top of its usage. Most folks would receive different kinds of error messages when too many programs are running. The error messages contain 'memory can't read', 'memory can't write' and others. Memory freeup is the most effective way to stop these error messages. With PerfectOptimizer you can easy to free up memory by a few clicks.

1) Launch Perfect Optimizer
2) Point to Speedup and click Memory Optimizer

Update commonly used programs

Some commonly used programs will help improve our computer experience.
These vendors regularly release updates to provide better service to their users.
Currently we provide 6 program updates.

1) Adobe Reader
Help you read easily

2) Java
Make internet browse smoother

3) Thunderbird
Send and receive email easily

4) WMPlayer
Make video play smoother

5) WinRar
Free up more disk space

6) Skype
Make communication easier

Optimize system under different modes

We move from here to there, also the System Modes.
So we create 6 different optimization modes you can use to optimize your computer and improve its performance.

Here we will list the modes and steps to use them.

1) Windows Default
2) Campus mode
3) Internet cafe
4) Office mode
5) Notebook mode
6) Home mode

Steps to use them:
1) Launch Perfect Optimizer
2) Point to Optimizer and click System Optimizer
3) Choose the mode and click OPTIMIZE

Speed up system

Some application manufacturers claim their software programs can improve system performance by up to 800%. But it is not the truth. They lie and trick users into purchasing.

We know that the hardware almost reach the top of its performance. If it can improve performance by 800%, lets say it takes 80 seconds to start your system, now only 10 seconds. Is that possible?

We know that increase disk input and output buffer size, menu popup speed and adjust other system settings will improve system performance.

Luckily the PerfectOptimizer's System Speedup can make system run faster. Please see the steps below.

1) Launch Perfect Optimizer
2) Point to Speedup and click System Speedup
3) Adjust the default settings and click OPTIMIZE

Secure Your Data
Back up important files
Back up drivers
Back up registry
Block bad ActiveX
Shred files
Restore system
Speed Up Your System
Uninstall unwanted programs
Optimize system under different modes
Optimize Memory
Speed up system
Update commonly-used programs
Repair System Errors
Repair Windows Explorer
Repair error utility
Repair IE hijack
Manage BHO
Repair IE components
Repair system components
Repair Winsock2 utility
Repair broken shortcuts
Repair broken file association
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